Sneak Peek of Etiquette for Adults

Here's a look at the topics covered in this course.

You'll also find a sneak peek of the course curriculum. Thank you and we look forward to having you join our class.

Etiquette for Adults

Self Presentation Skills

  1. Body language and posture 
  2. Sitting properly 
  3. Standing 
  4. Walking 
  5. Shaking hands 
  6. Eye contact 
  7. Graceful and mannerly behavior 
  8. Self-confidence

Communication Skills

  1. Voice and vocabulary 
  2. Introductions 
  3. Conversations 
  4. Small talk 
  5. What to say when 
  6. Email and phone communication 
  7. Thank you notes

Proper Social Skills and Interactions

  1. Social awareness 
  2. Cell phone etiquette 
  3. Modern gentleman and ladylike behavior 
  4. Dating etiquette
  5. Internet dating 
  6. Date night decorum
  7. Social media etiquette

Public Behavior

  1. Flag etiquette and our national anthem 
  2. Elevators doors and cars 
  3. Tipping etiquette 
  4. Airplane travel etiquette

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