You hear it a lot, but first impressions are crucial to your professional life. When you meet someone new, they can write you off before you even open your mouth. Or, they may immediately be interested in what you have to say. What makes this difference? What makes a great introduction? In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to introduce yourself effectively
  • What your body language is saying about you
  • How to conquer any professional encounter
  • Tips for holding yourself like a confident presenter
  • Business meeting dos and don'ts

Follow these guidelines so that when you leave a meeting, people will remember you. In a good way!

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to Etiquette
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  Proper Introductions
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Meet your instructor, Elaine Swann

Elaine Swann is an authority on lifestyle and etiquette standards and the founder of The Swann School of Protocol. With over two decades of experience in etiquette and professional development, she has been called "the Emily Post of the Digital Age" by The New York Times.

Elaine has been featured on countless radio and TV programs such as The Today Show, CNN, The Dr. OZ Show, and more, as well as quoted in newspapers and national magazines. In addition to founding The Swann School of Protocol, Elaine has written books on etiquette subjects for children, teens, and adults.

She has a desire to make etiquette accessible to all so she created this course to help people grow into the best version of themselves.

About The Swann School of Protocol

The Swann School is a nationwide etiquette training institute with headquarters in Carlsbad, California. We offer:

  • Classes for kids and teens
  • Pageant coaching
  • Etiquette certification
  • Workshops and presentations
  • Everyday etiquette advice online

We have certified etiquette consultants operating 20 schools throughout the U.S. For more information, email us or call our customer support number.